Hello, I'm Gary Ernspiker

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What Works For Me

Real estate and home construction are in my blood! My father was a builder, and as far back as I remember, I learned invaluable lessons from him. Of course, I learned the particulars of the building trade. More importantly, he taught me good old-fashioned “customer service.” Dad made it simple – apply the Golden Rule of “do unto others…” It worked for him and has paid dividends for me as well.

I have lived my life that way, personally and professionally. For the over fifteen years I have been a Real Estate Agent and Broker, I am most gratified by the loyalty of my clients. Choosing me for such a large decision in their lives is humbling. Most of my clients are now friends.

Over the years I have amassed experience in residential, high-end condominiums, land, new construction, subdivision development, and the commercial areas of real estate. Each area has unique challenges that I really enjoy.  Prior to becoming an agent, I sold building materials, further expanding my home knowledge and expertise. This wide knowledge of the industry enables me to better lead my clients through the entire real estate process.

The loyalty of my clients and my results best tell the story. Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly are three key ingredients in my success recipe. 

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